A Brief History

Nametoons(TM) was born in 1976, when two young artists from Detroit, Michigan, USA, and their father, experimented with balloon letters that spelled a person's name, but were drawn in a cartoon style -- colorful and "alive" with eyes, a nose, arms, a hat or bow, and other accents.

From 1976 to 1986, Nametoons(TM) were available for purchase at metro Detroit area art fairs such as the Wyandotte Street, Grosse Pointe, Grandmont, and Plymouth Art Fairs, to name a few, and at select gift shops such as "Emily's Across the Street" in downtown Detroit, and "The Mole Hole" in Grosse Pointe. Back then, Nametoons(TM) designs were available on headbands, t-shirts, totebags, mugs, plates, bowls, placemats, and woodcuts.

With the demands of school, work, and other activities, the two artists limited their drawing to family occasions... until now! Nametoons(TM) is back with a new product line, to bring smiles and color back for a new generation of kids of all ages!



Product Catalog

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Ordering Instructions

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Order Form

To access the official Nametoons Order Form click "Order Form" below. This form is in PDF format, and can either be printed and filled out by hand (for mailing your order), or filled in on-line and e-mailed to Nametoons/Red Cedar Media LLC, for processing. Note that checks, money orders, and Paypal payments are subject to verification before orders are executed.




Is there a minimum order size? Currently, no, though this policy is subject to change depending on the policies of the photo centers themselves.

Can I pick up my Nametoons products from a store other than a Walgreen's or Walmart Photo Center? Currently, no, though the authorized provider(s) are subject to change based on quality, responsiveness, and minimum order size restrictions.

What if I have a "rush" order? Nametoons normally requires 1 to 3 days to process any given order, once payment is verified. If you need your item(s) in less than this amount of time, check with Nametoons by email using the link below -- we will try our best to accommodate your urgent need.

If you have other questions, please feel free to e-mail Nametoons by clicking on this link: Hey, I have a Nametoons question!